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Resins and Plastics

Working in different materials can be so refreshing just to get your creative juices flowing again.  As an exchange student in Germany I got to attend many classes that wasn’t just the normal goldsmith classes I was used to.  From ceramics to stone cutting to electroforming.

The one class I attended was called New Materials, which basically just included experimenting with different types of resins and plastics.  We were given complete freedom to experiment which was great. I ended up just covering loads of random objects I found around me with different coloured resins and plastics.

The end result was four purple and black organza resin rings.  I set the organza in a rubbery like Resin, and then set them in silver bands. These rings are more contemporary statement pieces, rather than jewellery you would wear everyday. The beauty of this project was that I never intended or expected a range to come out of it. I was just having fun and seeing how resins and plastics reacted to other objects and materials. I love how the rings are very sturdy and durable, but still soft and squishy to the touch. To me this range doesn’t have some deep artistic meaning, but just represents the amazing shapes and pieces that can come out of just letting go, making a mess and forgetting your everyday techniques.


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