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Our Story

Kinkel Jewellery is the culmination of creative and whimsical jewels, inspired by nature and patterns found in our surroundings. Each piece is uniquely designed and handmade by Marleen van Wyk, the owner and founder of Kinkel Jewellery, in her Cape Town studio.

Marleen Van Wyk is a creative, ambitious and bubbly lady from Simon’s Town who has a great love for jewellery design and all things creative. She finished her jewellery design degree at Stellenbosch University in 2011, including a 6-month design course at the Pforzheim Design School in Germany, where she learnt many exciting skills and techniques. After her studies, she spent a year travelling Europe looking for some inspiration and then returned to the great SA to continue her jewellery career. She finished a two year Goldsmith Internship to sharpen her technical skills and learn a few jewellery trade secrets. With this combination of design and technical skills, Kinkel Jewellery was born.

Marleen is inspired by South Africa’s rich Fauna and Flora. Her aim is to make beautiful and elegant jewellery with handmade precision; pieces of art for everybody to wear and enjoy.


Locally and Ethically Crafted

All our jewellery are 100% hand manufactured in our Cape Town studio. We believe in sustainable design and making quality jewellery that will last you a lifetime, and can be passed down as heirlooms. Since every piece is made by hand, every piece is unique in its own way. We encourage you to support local designers, where quality and creativeness are guaranteed. If you are looking for something specific that is not listed below don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always up for a challenge.


Sustainably Designed

Every piece of jewellery designed at Kinkel is designed to last you a lifetime. We don’t believe in mass production, but rather carefully crafted pieces that is guaranteed to last and fit you perfectly.


Locally Handcrafted

Kinkel Jewellery is 100% handcrafted in our Cape Town studio from locally sourced shells, pearls and precious metals. We are passionate about creating well-made unique jewellery from quality materials.


Made by Women

Kinkel Jewellery is a woman owned business. Our goal is to empower women in this industry by teaching them new skills and giving them the confidence to lead.

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