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Cape Sea Urchin Range

I designed The Cape Sea Urchin Range in awe of our amazing local shores.  The range is made of resin-soaked sea urchins and sterling silver, most definitely Kinkel’s favourite collection of jewellery.  The range is designed around our very own Cape Sea urchin which I collect when I go scuba diving in Simon’s Town.  I have always loved sea urchins for their great patterns and beautiful shades of green.  But as I started collecting them, experimenting with designs and researching them, I realized just how fascinating these creatures were! So read on if you want some more info on this range .. or just skip down to see the pictures 🙂

The Cape Sea Urchin Range is my own twist on African Shell Jewellery. When I started scuba diving, I just knew that there had to be some way to incorporate the beauty of our shores in my jewellery designs. The sea urchin fascinated me as when still living the ocean they look immensely dangerous with their colourful spikes.  Then after they have died and lost their vicious spikes, it turns out they have a stunningly patterned green skeleton underneath. These sea urchins come in beautiful shades ranging from green to olive and even some hints of purple. Their radial symmetrical shells make them break up into the most interesting shapes and forms. This makes designing just so much more fun and intriguing. Sea urchins are among the longest living animals on earth so some of them have great thick shells to work with.  As every urchin is different in its own shape, pattern and colour so is every jewellery piece in this range. Usually the smaller they are the more fragile they are, but every now and then I find one with a super thick shell which means he has been roaming the seas for a long time. I use sea urchins instead of gemstones in this range, showing that our rich and teeming oceans are just as valuable and precious. People from all over the world come to dive in the waters here in Simon’s Town and the rest of our peninsula. For me it is perfect to be able to combine my profession and my hobby to make pieces of art. If you have sea urchins lying around at home which you have picked up on a special holiday or trip, bring it to me and I will make you a unique jewellery piece.


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