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Kinkel’s Honeymoon Voucher


This voucher is the perfect wedding gift to treat the lucky couple to something truly unique and special.

Kinkel’s Honeymoon Vouchers offer a unique gift in the form of a custom-made keepsake from the couple’s honeymoon. The voucher comes in a beautiful limited-edition envelope and order card which the bride and groom can return along with a trinket from their travels: a shell, pebble, leaf, sand, paper, tile or even a flower will do! What makes this extra special is that the couple will have to go on a treasure hunt to find their perfect keepsake together.

Kinkel will then design and make a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece using their keepsake and sterling silver. The design will be based on their preferred style and choice of item (ring, necklace, earrings, brooch or bracelet).

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Kinkel Jewellery’s gift vouchers are available in a digital or physical gift card form. No extra fees will be charged for the sending of a online digital voucher, but a courier fee will be charged if you would like us to send them a nicely wrapped gift card.

All Kinkel’s jewellery pieces are handmade in our Cape Town studio with locally sourced high quality metals, pearls and gemstones.

As our pieces are all handmade, every piece of jewellery is unique, which means that there may be subtle variations to the pictures on the website, and that it can take between 2 – 10 working days to complete your order.

This makes every piece more special as you are not getting something that is factory made or mass produced, but crafted with skill and love.

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Honeymoon Voucher, Honeymoon Deluxe Voucher

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