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Starting from Scratch

Kinkel Jewellery has been a bit quiet for the past year… but just because the blog and the Facebook has been quiet does not mean that things have not been happening! I decided to give the business a bit of a break and do some travelling instead.

I spent my year in Germany running after my au-pair kiddies, but also exploring Europe and all the wonderful things in it.  I found so much inspiration there.  Jewellery, fashion, patterns, art, flavours and friends!  I spent my days designing and drawing books full of ideas for Kinkel.  Basically I decided to start from scratch. New logos, new designs and a whole new brand. Now that I am back again in South Africa, I have so many designs and ideas to keep me busy for years. Turns out a year of clearing my head and getting inspired again was just what the business needed. I missed making jewellery so much! So now im back at my bench with a brand new brand and a business plan that cannot fail! I am too excited to start making jewellery again.  So watch this space!


Huge Kinkel Logo with est

                          Kinkel’s brand new Logo!


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