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Stones Stones and more Stones

If you live in or near Cape Town I am sure of it that you have been at scratch patch. For those who haven’t, its basically a giant pit filled with stunning stones. You buy a plastic baggy and then you get to fill your baggy full of stones you want to take home. Since I’v been a little kid I’v been collecting stones from Scratch Patch, Mineral World, in Simon’s Town. But still as an adult now I can sit there for hours picking out stones. Years later and I’m still sitting with boxes filled with stones from every shape and colour and I just can’t get myself to throw them away.

So this is my attempt to put some of them to use. I made a few rings for myself and some for friends. Because of their rough shape they were quite hard to set. They are not what I would call a complete range, but at least I feel like the stacks of stones are starting to find their purpose.


Purple Stone Ring

Brown striped stone ring

Blue Green Stone ring

Light blue stone electroformed ring

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